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Consumer Electronics

In consumer electronics such as Blue-tooth Earphone, Computer Keyboard,  Mobile Phone, Mobile SIM Card and  DC Cover, the usage of Laser Marking Machine Treatment finds extensive application. They have completely replaced the use of  traditional machining treatment in consumer electronics because of its advance technology.

Packaging Industry

Laser can assist in production of dates and special serial numbers on varied  packaging materials such as PVC, Plastics, Papers, Metals, Glasses and much more. Unique special numbers printed by these lasers machines are meant to last long and hence are unable to be deleted. Technology has boosted packaging sector. With advance featured laser machines, packaging has become safe and reliable.

Auto Parts

Laser marking is undeniably a latest technology of automobile production. This is used make quality-assured car accessories and fittings which function for many years. Not just laser marking technology but laser welding and cutting both find extensive application in automobile industry.


Laser technology has ample of important uses in jewelery processing and gemology. It is used to drill several precious stones, cut diamonds into complex and precise shapes, make marks on the surfaces, grooving original stones and conduct perfect welding operations. Offerings given a special touch by laser are smart, elegant and environment friendly that require no after service treatments.

Textile & Leather

There has been several automated machines used in Textile and Leather Industry that has accelerated its growth but none could deny the profits use of automated laser technology has bestowed upon Textile Industry. With high degree of precision and speediness, laser marking and cutting technologies has simplified operations of leather and textile industries. Manufacturers who use laser technologies stay front in fashion in markets.

Electronic Components

From engraving to cutting to welding, laser technology finds tremendous usage in electrical industry. If you want to mark a printed circuit, safety switches, etc, nothing is better than using our laser marking machines which are highly power efficient and technologically advanced. Not just this, our other laser machines equally enhance production process of electrical components by working smoothly.

Glass and Optical Units

Nowadays, the use of laser technology in giving precise markings to scales on glass and other optical units has rapidly increased. Apart from giving surface processing capacity, laser technology can also  be used for engraving internal glass crystals and acryl tubes.

Medical Devices

The use of Laser technology in production of medical devices and equipment is tremendously high. These laser machines, be it laser marking, cutting and welding are automated and render finest results with minimal chances of inaccuracies. Since these work under computer control, they are not subjected to untimely wearing of tools, printing screens and electrodes.

House Furnishings

From home decorations, ceramics, lighting systems, kitchen utensils to kitchen appliances, everything could be easily processed by laser. Laser technology find extensive usage in home furnishing industry. From soft home furnishing items to big size furniture, laser machines can be used for giving precise shapes, produce markings, etc.


The demand of laser in hardware processing industry has risen enormously. Manufacturers engaged in production of hardware prefer to use laser technology for enhancing quality of their products, cut out precise tool shapes, make engravings of varied depth on metal surfaces and create mark to secure range.

Solar Power

Silicon wafer slicer is majorly utilized in solar battery and semi-conductor industry. Laser is used to safely slice, cut and groove surface of silicon, germanium, gallium, polysilicon and  arsenide. Laser technology neither damages silicon material nor reduces performance of products. It enhances production and improves quality of solar products.


Star Lase Systems has gained much popularity in markets. Our laser equipment process clear pictures fast and accurately on different types of materials like ID cards.

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